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    EK Profile 

    Elephant king heavy industry Co.,Ltd (EK) has long been engaged in the research, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and sales of a large variety of lifting and transport equipments. Located at the Economic Development Zone of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, it is one of China most important large crane manufacturing bases, making itself the first choice of shipbuilding companies in coastal areas and Yangtze River basin .The company now has over 500 employees and consists of Jiangsu Elephant King Heavy Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd , Shanghai Yili Crane Design Co.,Ltd and Jiangsu Zhongmei Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Our company is the standing director unit of China Heavy Industry Association, director unit of Bridge Crane Professional Committee, member unit of China Heavy Machinery Association Crane Branch, member unit of China Heavy Machinery Association Lifting Hoist Branch, director unit of Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Management Association and member of Crane Professional Committee of Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Management Committee. As one of the chief professional standard drafter of the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and crane standard of National Standard Committee, EK participates in formulating several professional standards for crane industry such as GB3811-2008 .

    Our company has passed the verification of ISO9001 international quality system and obtained the highest national degree A for manufacturing and installing special equipment. The company’s frequency conversion bridge crane was honored as the National Key New Product in August 2002, and obtained Outstanding Achievement Award of China Patent for 20 Years in September 2005. In November 2009 , the company’s large gantry crane for shipbuilding received the high-tech product certification issued by Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province. "Elephant King" was marked as Jiangsu Famous Brand in 2008.

    Over several decades, our company has developed to be an excellent team with unique manufacturing techniques and outstanding R&D; capability. We have a complete range of products, widespread customers and obvious advantages in large-tonnage and long-span cranes. Proved by China Heavy Industry Association and Bridge Crane Professional Committee, the 800t*216m gantry crane manufactured in 2008 for New Times Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd was the largest span of crane at that time; the 700/900t-239.08m gantry crane manufactured in 2011 for Jiangsu Xinfu Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd was the largest span of crane at the moment and the 1500t gantry crane crane manufactured in May 2009 for AtlanticoSul Shipyard in Brazil was the export ever-largest scale crane.

    On behalf of the stuff, the Chairman Geming sincerely is dedicated to cooperating with you, together creating the brilliance. Under the aspiration of "being committed to strengthen and expand the EK Corporation, and lead the enterprises to the world stage", we are striving for EK’s better future.

    Our vision is: let every Chinese enterprises get to know Xiangwang.

    Our mission is: be committed to strengthen and expand Xiangwang, lead the enterprises to the world stage.

    Our core concept is:
    1, Work concept:
    ①work happily
    ②More communication, less complaint; more understanding, less dissension.
    2, Service concept: 100% satisfaction from customers is more important than making money
    3, Brand concept: Road of quality.
    4,Competition concept: No execution will lead to competitiveness.
    5,Storage concept: Be proud to reduce inventory while be ashamed to increase it.
    6, Management concept: To reduce waste, to improve quality, to arrangement indeed, to rectify rationally, to restrict safely, be tidy and comfortable.
    7, Employing concept: Talents are assets while mediocrities are debts.

    Our values:
    Customer: is always God.
    Responsibility: promise what we can do, do what we promised.
    Integrity: integrity makes a brand.

    Our work criteria??/span>
    1, action is always stronger than an excuse. No excuse exists at work.
    2, details determine success or failure.
    3, perform efficiently, and obey absolutely.

    We take the aim at "enhancing our management, perfecting our mechanism, advancing systematically, and developing persistently". We are under the guidance of " consummating management system in depth continually, accelerating the market transition, innovating independently, committed to expand the business, and seeking for further development". We construct the three-in-one pattern of regional development in Dafeng, Jianhu Development Zone and the corporate headquarters. We establish three economic growth points of port machinery, electric hoist and medium-sized cranes, cranes. We set up a special team which is preparing for the listing program as soon as possible, aiming at successful listing in 2 or 3 years. We strengthen brand construction. We have made two top honor of Chinese famous brand and Xiangwang, the well-known trademark. Up to 2010, the output value has totally reached 1 billion yuan, and taxes have come to 1 hundred million yuan, which striving to be the industry giant.

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